New Capital Case Attorney Panel - June 12, 2017

On June 12, 2017, the court’s Executive Committee approved the creation and maintenance of a countywide Capital Case Attorney Panel and approved a protocol for appointing qualified defense counsel in capital cases when the Public Defender’s Office has declared a conflict.

The court will create a posted list to include attorneys who have been pre-qualified by an Ad Hoc Committee of Judges for appointment in capital cases pursuant to California Rule of Court 4.117. All attorneys seeking inclusion on the panel must complete the attached application and submit it to the court along with a resume or curriculum vitae.

Attorneys whose applications are accepted will be included on the court’s Capital Case Panel and will be required to renew eligibility on an annual basis on or about June 30th of each year by completion of a renewal questionnaire.

Once the panel is in place, the process for selection of counsel in specific cases will be as follows:

Upon declaration of a conflict, the case will be continued to a future date in order to appoint counsel.

Notice will be sent to the entire Capital Case Attorney Panel. The notice will inform the panelists of the need to appoint counsel and the specific case information.

Panelists will then be required to respond by email within five business days if interested.

The Criminal Supervising Judge will review the responses and recommend an appointment to the Presiding Judge for final approval.

Staff will create and maintain a database of each selection previously made.

Attorneys who are interested are encouraged to complete the attached application and submit it with a resume or curriculum vitae to Betty Rayford – by September 1, 2017. However, applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis.