Board of Trustees and Assignments

The Desert Bar Association is proud to provide networking opportunities, educational opportunities, and socializing opportunities to the legal community, and also to disseminate information to the community at large that is related to the legal profession.

Our Officers and Board of Trustees have been elected by the Association to set policies, oversee operations, and make financial decisions that impact members and facilitate our goals.

Please see the list of Trustees and Officers below, and contact the appropriate member based on his or her designated assignment.


President - Karen J. Sloat - Judicial Liaison, Bird Awards

Vice President -  Kimberly T. Lee  - DBA Luncheons & Mixers/Program Committee, Probate Section

Secretary -  Robert J. Gilliland, Jr.  - Media Relations, Mediation Program

Treasurer -  Christoffer J. Thomsen  - New Memberships


Natalie S. Keller – Client Relations, Family Law Section, Hall of Fame Awards, Fee Arbitration

Aaron F. Garcia – Access to Justice/Pro Bono

David B. Greenberg – Mock Trial, Young Lawyers Task Force, Youth Court

Anthony Valente – Website

Rachael E. Bills – Adopt a High School, Bird Awards, Mock Trial, Young Lawyers Task Force

Breeanna S. Fujio – Bird Awards, Mock Trial, Young Lawyers Task Force  

Immediate Past Presidents

Julie Rosser Balbini

Michael B. Rover

To find out how to become a member of the Desert Bar Association, please contact us at 760.851.4886 or  To learn more about our process for nominating and electing Officers and the Board of Trustees, please contact President, Karen J. Sloat.