Please Support Senate Bill (Sb) 229

Several years ago the Legislative Outreach Committee was created in an effort to gain support from the community for issues of importance to the judiciary. One of the court’s highest priorities has been to increase the number of judges in the Inland Empire. According to the Judicial Council’s 2014 update of the Judicial Needs Assessment, Riverside Superior Court has a verified need for 127 judges. With only 62 judges and 15 subordinate judicial officers, the court needs over 50 additional judges to provide appropriate access to justice for Riverside County residents.

Senate Bill (SB) 229, introduced by Senator Richard Roth, is the latest in a series of bills to fund new judgeships in California to meet the increased judicial workload arising from population growth. This bill would appropriate $5 million from the General Fund for the purpose of funding 12 superior court judges positions currently authorized by the Legislature. San Bernardino Superior Court would receive four judgeships through this bill and Riverside would receive three. The bill has passed both houses of the Legislature without a dissenting vote and has been sent to the governor.

I encourage you to contact the Governor’s office at your earliest convenience and express your support for this important legislation that would provide greater access to justice for residents in the Inland Empire. By clicking on the following link – – you can send a quick comment to the Governor in support of SB 229. Please choose Legislation Issues/Concerns from the drop down menu.

As always, I thank you for the support that you have provided over the years to the courts. Should you have any questions about SB 229 or the process, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Very truly yours,

Harold W. Hopp
Presiding Judge