President’s Message

Karen J. Sloat

Desert Bar Association President Karen Sloat has practiced law for over 30 years in California, Colorado and Hawaii and is known as a lawyer who strives for integrity and excellence.


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For this President's Message, I'm providing a word of encouragement for weary lawyers, from my brief speech at the California Desert Trial Academy graduation ceremony on 5/6/17:

Do you consider yourself a failure or hear the voice inside your head that says you aren't
succeeding in your practice, your family, your personal growth - and time is running out? Or are you just discouraged, stressed out, lonely, or even self-medicating? Then here's a different perspective for you to consider:

 Don't measure success by the world's standards any more - by how good you are compared to others, by getting the best job, by making lots of money, or by being famous.

 Watch for opportunities - rather than being driven by your own "To Do List" and ending the day feeling like you didn't finish the race.

 Practice flexibility and patience with yourself and others...or you may miss something you were destined to do or discover.

 Promote relationships and integrity.

 Put resolution of conflicts above results.

 Count your success as a lawyer as measured by Character.

 Instead of beating yourself up, look at your level of accomplishment differently, by asking yourself these questions at the end of the day:

          o Did I grow in maturity today?

          o Did I gain more experience - even in a moment or a small way?

          o Did I expand my knowledge?

          o Did I become more wise from something that happened?

          o Did I help someone?

          o Did I show kindness?

          o Did I enlighten or educate someone else?

          o Did I promote patience, listening, or understanding when I was with another person?

 If ANY answer is a YES, then count your day as a SUCCESS!

When I assumed the role of DBA President, I told a friend, tongue-in- cheek, "I'm going to change the world!" He gave me a small plaque that sits in my office and is a recipe for the success of Character:


We at the DBA support you, our members and colleagues, and we want to hear your stories of success in CHARACTER. And when you feel that sense of failure - and we all do - remember you are not alone. We care, and can listen or route you to some resources for help. Thank you for supporting the DBA and being part of our legal community!

Best wishes for the end of the hot summer, 

Karen J. Sloat
President, Desert Bar Association