President’s Message

Welcome to the Desert Bar Association’s 2020-2021 Season!  I am proud to serve as this year’s president as we enter our 69th year serving the Coachella Valley’s legal community.  I have been serving on the DBA Board for the last few years and I am lucky to follow in the footsteps of the very accomplished Past Presidents that have come before me.  

As COVID-19 has rapidly changed our legal landscape, we are all navigating new challenges that were unimaginable only a year ago.  In order to continue to support our legal community, we have transitioned to remote learning events and panels. Additionally, our Judicial Liaison committee has been diligently working to send out the most up to date information from the courts to keep our members advised of Emergency Orders, court openings and closures, and other important information.

Another one of our committees that has been busy to serve our legal community during this time, is the First Friday Voluntary Settlement Conference Program.  Chaired by the indispensable Lori B. Sanford, this committee oversees recruitment, training, and collaboration with the civil courts.  In light of current COVID-19 restrictions and safety concerns, this program is being held remotely.  Mediation has become all the more indispensable as our county faces limitations on courtroom availability and in-person attendance for the immediate and foreseeable future.  This and other programs would not be possible without the continued support of our membership.  

I joined the Desert Bar Association because I know that this is simply an amazing jurisdiction to both live and work.  We have strong traditions that we have sadly had to postpone or reimagine, but I have faith that we will overcome and emerge even stronger together.  I have been grateful to meet so many of our members and I look forward to when we all can be together, in person, again.  

Thank you to those of you who joined us on December 1, 2020 for our Annual Installation of Officers via Zoom!  We look forward to announcing additional events held through that platform.  

Thank you for your continued support of the DBA!

All the best,

Breeanna Sumiko Fujio
President of the Desert Bar Association