Riverside County Superior Court update

As a valued DBA member, the DBA is striving to keep you informed of important Court related news. Please see the following updates: 

  1. New Judicial Assignments-Historic Riverside: Beginning on April 28, 2019 there will be new Judicial rotations: Judge Reimer will be in Dept. 1, Judge Asbury will be in Dept. 5 and Judge Sykes will be handling Complex Litigation cases.
  2. Countywide Settlement days: The Court has indicated that the number of old cases in Palm Springs must be reduced in order to return to a Direct Calendar system in the Desert. Your assistance in this regard is critical. The Court is offering 4 Countywide settlement dates in 4 Courthouses to facilitate this effort. For the next month, the Court is scheduling Status Conferences re: Settlement for cases 25 months and older. Litigants will be offered the choice of 4 settlement days on Monday June 3, July 8, July 15 or July 22, 2019 at 4 Courthouses: Palm Springs, Corona, Historic Riverside and Southwest. Litigants may select any of the dates or locations that are most convenient to all counsel in their cases (where opposing counsel may be out of town).
  3. Volunteer Mediators needed: If you have prior mediation experience and are available to mediate at any of the July Settlement days listed above, please contact Sarah Hodgson, the Court’s Coordinator of ADR services at [email protected] or DBA Mediation Chair, Lori Sanford at [email protected].