What is the First Friday Program?

The First Friday Voluntary Settlement Conference Program (“FFVSC”) is a settlement program utilizing attorneys with subject matter expertise who volunteer as settlement facilitators to help the Court resolve civil cases with a case value over $ 50,000.  The First Friday program began in 2007 and took place the first Friday of each month in person at the Courthouse.  The program is currently being conducted remotely due to the pandemic with the Court assigning settlement officers with the parties agreeing to hold the conference on any mutually agreed upon date.  

The First Friday program has saved the Court millions of dollars in litigation costs and Court time in cases where parties have requested assistance in resolving their disputes.  The Desert Bar Association assists the Court by recruiting experienced volunteer settlement facilitators.

Successful resolution requires that all parties necessary to the dispute and with authority participate, and that the parties provide briefs which outline liability and damage claims.  First Friday works best when parties engage in the process in good faith with a real desire for early case resolution.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  To assist attorneys and the community, the DBA is providing sample forms in word format that can be tailored to the needs of litigants.  These forms are provided free of charge as a resource.  It is up to the parties to ensure that the forms meet any applicable legal requirements.