Desert Bar Association

Serving Legal Professionals in the Coachella Valley Since 1951

The Desert Bar Association is a professional organization for practicing and retired attorneys and judges, and other professionals who interact with the legal community in the Desert Judicial District of Riverside County.

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Professional Development and Networking

The primary function of the Desert Bar Association is to build strong connections among, and support, members of the legal profession in the Coachella Valley: Attorneys, Judges, and other professionals such as paralegals and law librarians, who are integral parts of the legal system and community.

By promoting continuing legal education and collegiality within the desert legal community, the Desert Bar Association offers its members excellent value and opportunities to advance, both in their own practices and as a united body of legal professionals. Our programs include outreach to the entire community, including high school students and mature adults, to educate local residents about legal rights, issues and processes.

The Desert Bar Association is also fully inclusive of non-legal professionals who desire to network with legal professionals. We have a long and wonderful history of welcoming professionals into our community who are only tangentially related to the legal profession, such as money management and banking professionals, as well as other vendors.

Membership Types

The Desert Bar Association currently offers several levels of membership for attorneys who are admitted to practice law, in addition to memberships for judges, law students currently attending law school, and Affiliate memberships for those who are neither admitted to practice law, nor law students, but whose professions place them in close association with the legal community. These Affiliate members include professions like paralegals and law librarians, court reporters, money managers, bankers, economists and other researchers in fields affected by the legal system, and vendors who provide relevant products and services.


Keeping Members in the Loop

One important aspect of the Desert Bar Association’s mission is to help its member attorneys stay current on issues like proposed changes to court rules and processes, issues that call for comment from the public or from interested parties, updates to fees, and new programs that may impact our members’ practices. By bringing such time-sensitive matters directly to our members’ attention, we offer them the opportunity to play a key role in the ongoing evolution of legal practice, and help ensure that they’ll always be armed with the latest information on relevant issues.


Desert Bar Association Members

Get More Than Their Money's Worth

For anyone affiliated with, or desiring to interact with, the Legal Community in the Coachella Valley, the Desert Bar Association is a best-value professional association, in terms of practice development, networking, and referrals. Join now, take part in one of our upcoming events, and take advantage of all the resources and benefits we provide to our members.