Since 2014, the Desert Bar Association and the Warren G. Slaughter-Richard I. Roemer Inn of Court have co-hosted a Judge and Lawyer Hall of Fame Awards event. The event recognizes those who have made significant contributions to the legal and non-legal communities and demonstrated excellence in their profession.


Awards include:

Distinguished Lawyer Award:

The Distinguished Lawyer Award is given to a lawyer who has been in practice for more than ten years and who has distinguished himself or herself through exemplary professionalism and civility in the practice of law as well as through dedication to the community through civility, professionalism, charitable work and public service.

Outstanding Young Lawyer Award:

The Outstanding Young Lawyer Award is given to a lawyer who has been in practice for ten or fewer years and who has demonstrated sterling character, unquestioned integrity, and a dedication to the highest standards of ethics, civility, and professionalism.

Outstanding Jurist Award:

The Outstanding Jurist Award is given to a jurist who has demonstrated traits such as integrity, honesty, fairness, objectivity, courtesy, civility, collegiality, patience, ethics, decisiveness, courage, compassion, common sense, adaptability, superior intellect and legal knowledge, effective oral and written communication skills, ability to work under pressure, a commitment to due process and the rule of law, a commitment to improving access to our courts, and a commitment to promoting outreach programs to educate the public on the court system.

Distinguished Lawyer Award Winners
2019 Barbara Brand
2018 Brian S. Harnik, Esq.
2017 Martin Nethery, Esq.
2016 Jon Shoenberger, Esq.
2015 Rodney Lee Soda, Esq.
2014 Joseph Gibbs, Esq.

Outstanding Jurist Award Winners
2019 Honorable James Hawkins
2018 Honorable Thomas N. Douglass
2017 Honorable Harold Hopp
2016 Honorable Lawrence W. Fry
2015 Honorable Robert G. Taylor
2014 Honorable Douglas P. Miller

Outstanding Young Lawyer Award Winners
2019 Breeanna S. Fujio, Esq.
2018 No Recipient
2017 Christy Holstege, Esq.
2016 Karina Cardenas-Orlando, Esq.
2015 Christoffer J. Thomsen, Esq.
2014 Kira L. Klatchko, Esq.

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