Past Presidents

The Desert Bar Association was established to maintain the honor and integrity of the profession of the law, to increase its usefulness in promoting the due administration of justice, to cultivate social activities among its members and to support and administer programs and activities consonant with such goals.

Each of our past Presidents has played a significant role in achieving these goals. They were elected because of their commitment to the legal profession, their passion for promoting it, and for their exceptional leadership skills needed to perpetuate the DBA. Below are our past Presidents.

2018 - 2019 Robert J. Gilliland, Jr.
2017-2018 Kimberly T. Lee
2016-2017 Karen J. Sloat.
2015-2016 Julie Rosser Balbini
2014-2015 Michael B. Rover
2013-2014 Patricia Muñoz-Muro
2012-2013 David B. Mulé
2011-2012 Mary E. Gilstrap
2010-2011 Barbara Baron
2009-2010 Matt Morris
2008-2009 Donald Griffith
2007-2008 Peter Bochnewich
2006-2007 Martin A. Mueller
2005-2006 Dawn Swajian
2004-2005 Rosalind G. Miller
2003-2004 Jack FitzGerald III
2002-2003 Basil Chapman
2001-2002 Brian S. Harnik
2000-2001 Daniel T. Johnson
1999-2000 Robert Hurley
1998-1999 Hon. John G. Evans
1997-1998 Antonia Graphos
1996-1997 Hon. David Chapman
1995-1996 Hon. Douglas P. Miller / Virginia Criste
1994-1995 Hon. Jim Hawkins
1993-1994 Barbara Brand
1992-1993 Michael Zitomer
1991-1992 D. Martin Nethery
1990-1991 Toni Tweedle Healy
1989-1990 Michael Cosgrove
1988-1989 Joseph A. Gibbs
1987-1988 Joel Miliband
1986-1987 Tom Slovak / Hon. Tom Douglass
1985-1986 Jeff Patterson
1984-1985 Michael J. Andelson
1983-1984 Sue DeGasperin Steding
1982-1983 David Agnew
1981-1982 L. Barry Mack
1980-1981 Jon Shoenberger
1979-1980 Dennis J. Healey
1978-1979 Walter T. Clark
1977-1978 Lee Mohr
1976-1977 Hon. Noah Ned Jamin
1975-1976 Gary Scherotter
1974-1975 Jean Ann Hirschi
1973-1974 Paul Selzer
1972-1973 Paul Selzer
1971-1972 David J. Erwin
1970-1971 James Windham
1969-1970 Hon. Richard Robinson
1968-1969 Hon. Richard Robinson
1967-1968 Hon. Harry Wolpert
1966-1967 F. Gillar Boyd
1965-1966 F. Gillar Boyd
1964-1965 Thomas Anderson
1963-1964 Thomas Anderson
1962-1963 James Schlecht
1961-1962 Henry Cleary
1960-1961 Hon. John Carroll
1959-1960 Robert Schlesinger
1958-1959 Hon. Richard Marsh
1957-1958 Saul Ruskin
1956-1957 Hon. Fred Woolpert
1955-1956 Hon. David McGahey
1954-1955 Hon. Warren Slaughter
1953-1954 Hon. Rex Hardy / Hon. Warren Slaughter
1952-1953 Hon. Wallace Rouse
1951-1952 Hon. Eugene Theriault

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